Ready to learn Java?

We offer three choices:Jr, APS, Java

  1. Jr

    A gentle introduction to programming, designed to transition into Java, a friendly syntax without semicolons (';') or curly brackets ('{', '}') for those that do not demand using Java syntax.

  2. APS

    The AP High School Subset Features list of Java; designed for novices. For those wanting to learn using Java syntax from the beginning.

  3. Java

    Support for the full Java language.

"Hello, world" Examples

  1. Jr:
              Output "Hello, world"
    Notice, no semicolon.

  2. APS:
              JJS.outputString("Hello, world");
    Notice, Java syntax. JJS is the JJ System used for Input and Output as well as Design by Contract, debugging and other goodies.

  3. Java:
              class MyFirstClass {
                 public static void main (String[] args) {
                    System.out.println("Hello, world");

Language Definitions (BNF)