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How To Open a JJ Account

Currently, anybody can register to use JJ for free.
  • Instructors at noncommercial educational institutions can register
    to teach JJ, grabbing a "school code" for you and your students to use.
    [instructor registration]

  • Instructors at for-profit companies, you can currently register to
    open a free JJ account since guest accounts are currently free.
    [guest registration]

  • Students, your instructor needs to give you a "school code" so you
    can open a free JJ student account.
    [student registration]

  • Guests, all guest accounts are currently free.
    [guest registration]

  • If you want to participate in the "Name That Programming Language" contest, after browsing our reference material, enter the contest and you will be sent information about opening your free guest account.
Readers of our article in the April issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal, you have the information you need to open a free JJ guest account without sending email. Given the "school code", registration should be immediate.
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