"It's good to see Design by Contract ideas included right from the start in computer
science education. JJ does this and deserves to be widely adopted."

-- Bertrand Meyer, creator of Eiffel and Design by Contract

Welcome to the contest to
Name That Programming Language
THE STORY OF JJ: A couple of summers ago over lunch, John and David agreed that is was time for a pure CS1 language. Our junior version of Java worked like a charm at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), as the students picked up programming concepts using JJ and were writing in Java by the end of the semester. In time, more advanced features such as Design by Contract, found in Eiffel, and Graphical User Interface building (GUI), as found in Java, have been integrated into JJ. JJ has now been used in CS1 at CSUN and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). While maintaining its design to be the ideal introductory programming language and environment, JJ is no longer just a web page for beginners. Thus, we are looking for a new name.

Email your entries to: nameJJ@publicstaticvoidmain.com

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